History of Video Poker

For a long time people have been stepping into casinos all over the world to play poker. Poker was a popular game among gamblers back in the early 70s but when the mid-70s came around there was a new game in town and that game was called video poker. Imagine the thrill that people had when they saw the brilliant colors on the TV screen and all they have to do was put in a quarter and they could start playing video poker.

Now the look of the game and the graphics of the TV screens back then were very primitive compared to what casinos have on the video poker street, but back in the mid-1970s this was good enough to start attracting people's attention. The popularity of video poker kind of tapered off until the year in 1979 when the new company called IGT introduced a new style of video poker software called draw poker. This was when the deal poker started to attract the interest of poker players that were usually a custom to playing poker at the regular poker tables in casinos.

During the 1980s video poker software continued to evolve to the point that it started to gain the interest of people that were too intimidated to play poker with the pros at the poker tables. Video poker or as it is also called virtual poker has continued to evolve to the point that today it has become a staple at every casino in the world. All the famous Las Vegas casinos have many video poker slots and very agents of the game for you to choose from and if you like playing video poker games at the larger casinos then that's fine too but if you want to choose the video poker machines or video poker slots that will give you the best return for your money than you should choose the casinos that are off of the main Las Vegas strip. The smaller casinos often program their video poker machine so that it gives off the best odds of winning and therefore they have the best video poker software in terms of winning percentage.

Now if you're also looking to play video poker online you can do that from the comfort of your own house. Online video poker companies usually have less expenses than land-based video poker machines and can then therefore pass down those savings by having video poker software that is programmed to win at a greater percentage. You can also play many different variations of video poker online and you can if you are going to a land-based casino. When you play video poker just make sure that you are playing it for fun and this way the game won't get boring to you too fast. This will also give you the time to get past the learning curve and learn the many different video poker rules that apply to the game that you are playing.All in all video poker has come a long way from the first basic tv screen casinos games to the explosion of different video poker games that are being played all over the world whether it is offline or online.