Different Types of Video Poker Games

There are many variations of video poker games currently out there but my philosophy has always been to keep it simple. Simplicity in anything in life allows you to keep things easy while not losing focus by thinking too much, and thinking too hard can often attribute to a person making mistakes. Let's take a look at a few of the basic video poker games that most people play today.

Jack's or better is the bread-and-butter of all video poker games and it's the one that most people play because of its simplicity. Just make sure that you check out the machine and see what they pay for the big hands like a straight or full house and maybe even the flush. Also make sure that you play on the video poker slots that are non-progressive in their jackpots. If they are non-progressive in their jackpots they will generally pay out more points for the bigger hands like a royal flush or full house. If you want to add more flavor to your video poker games you can always try jokers wild. In this video poker game you have the same standard deck as jacks or better but with one twist, the Joker can be used as a wildcard. Let's say for instance that you are dealt five cards and one of those cards is a joker. The Joker can be used to represent any card in the deck. So if you have two aces and the Joker you could make that Joker into an ace and have three aces or three of a kind. Because you can use the Joker as any card in the deck that Joker's wild video poker slot has upped the ante saying that you need at least two pairs to win any money.

Deuces wild is another video poker game in which all four deuces in a standard 52 card deck are wild. This gives you greater chances of making bigger hands but then again to win any kind of money in this game you need to have at least three of a kind. This may sound like a lot but it isn't really because of the four deuces that are wild in the game. The next type of video poker game that is played is called King of the decks. In King of the decks the video poker machine uses five decks and each deck is 52 cards and in this game if you get five games that are all clubs you will win the progressive jackpot that the machine has set. There are also many other winning combinations that you can get because of the increased amount of decks being used but the minimum hand that you must have to be a winner here is any two pairs.

Last but not least are the progressive machines. These video poker games have a much lower payout for the big hands but because the jackpot is progressive it gives you a greater chance to win that huge can in one shot. Just make sure that if you play a progressive video poker game that the jackpot is a big amount as this will make up for the lower payouts on the smaller hands.

All in all, if you were just getting into the video poker games you would stick to the basic game of jacks or better till you played many hands and started to get used to playing with its odds. When you have started to feel more comfortable with this game you can go on to the games that have more complex possibilities. Just make sure that you are playing video poker for the fun of it and you don't get too serious about it.